Rainy Planet Press

Greetings to all the folks we met at the Bazaar Bizarre Boston 2008! If you have a question about custom work or an inquiry about getting a custom debossed Moleskine notebook made, please email at ezraball@gmail.com

You can also shop at our Etsy store, though note that some of our newest stuff is not up there yet. If you saw something you liked and you can’t buy it from us at Etsy, just email!

Rainy Planet Press is a small letterpress shop located in Somerville, Massachusetts, USA.

We design cards, coasters, gift tags, and other fun things and print them on antique letterpresses. You can buy our pre-printed goods at our Etsy store. We also do custom work using vintage metal typefaces, vintage cuts, or custom engraved cuts made from your digital files.

What’s letterpress, and why should I care? Here’s the story.