Rainy Planet Type Samples

The following are the metal typefaces that Rainy Planet currently has. Most of the faces we have are versions of ATF and Monotype that were re-sold by The Kelsey Company. The names listed below are the more common original foundry names.

Note that if none of these faces are suitable for your project, we may be able to set type with a linecasting service, or, by cheating with digital typesetting on engraved plates.

Bodoni Ultra

12 point

Cheltenham Bold

12 point

Cheltenham Open

14 point

Century Expanded

6,8,10,12,36, and 48 point

Franklin Gothic

10,12 point

Park Avenue

14 point


10,18,36,48 point (caps only in 10,36 & 48 pt)

Stymie Bold

12 point