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Anna Hogan Wood Engraving show at the Museum of Printing

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

I bought this great little wood engraving print by Anna Hogan at this summer’s Letterpress Guild / Museum of Printing fair, and really loved a lot of her other work. (I literally ran out of cash, or I would have bought another print or two from her).

I was very glad to receive a beautiful invitation to the opening reception to a show of her work at the museum on October 23. You should try to catch her show [more info].

In genral, I’m really pleased to see how much stuff is going on at the Museum of Printing. Lots of good stuff happening there lately.

Letterpress Guild of New England Wayzgoose 2008 pictures

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

I just posted some photos from the wayzgoose to Flickr. Check it out.

Using a household iron to heat type

Monotype keyboard paper roll   Sam and Bill   Michael demonstrates the Linotype model 31   Jacob   Composed composing sticks

Rebecca brushes off excess leaf

Obama '08 Much missed, at least by me, was Leslie of the Sea Dog Press (who sent along these Obama signs since she couldn’t make it in person) and Kelley of May Day Studios, (who printed the lovely invitations to the event)

Of interest the weekend of September 20-21

Friday, September 19th, 2008

The Letterpress Guild of New England’s annual wayzgoose is tomorrow (September 20) at high noon at the Firefly Press in Allston.

The Somerville Urban Country Fair is also tomorrow in Union Square; Shelley and the Albertine Press posse will be there, as will myriad other crafty people.

The Boston Zine Fair is tomorrow and Sunday, September 21, at the Boston Art Institute on Newbury Street.

Also– and this is not letterpress related at all, but I do like beer– the Mercury Brewing Company’s harvest party is up in Hamilton on Sunday afternoon.

There is way too much action this weekend!

New faces at the Print Arts Fair

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

I keep getting hung up on blogging about last Sunday’s Print Arts Fair because I can’t decide where to start. So this will just have to be the first in a series.

I’ll start with the two vendors who sat to the left and right of the Rainy Planet booth. Both were new to the fair, and are extremely talented artists.

To our left was Jenn Ski. Her real name is longer, and I can’t spell it without looking, but it’s probably not going to annoy her if I don’t mention it here. I bothered to print it out in full on her vendor name tag, and she said (and this is not an exact quote) “oh, you wrote the whole thing out, nobody calls me that”. So there you go. Just call her Jenn Ski.

Whatever you want to call her, her prints are really nifty, and all my friends who have the mid-20th-century design inclinations would do well to patronize Jenn’s Etsy store, and read her great blog. Which is updated with enviable frequency.

Paper Breakfast w/ a customerTo our right was Paper Breakfast which was Hannah and her beau (whose name I sadly forget… I really should get better at these things… was it Jonathan?). As coincidence would have it, it turns out that Terri and our friend Editrix took a bookbinding class with Hannah last fall (and Terri also took one with Kelly of May Day Studio, also a vendor at the fair). Anyway, we totally loved their stuff, and spent more money at their booth than we made selling our own stuff. We picked up a tiny animal book, two prints, and a card. If we were infinitely wealthy we probably would have gotten more.

paperbreakfast.jpgI really loved the albino deer etching, but I do think that the digital version is a pale imitation of how great this is in person: it’s all about the blind deboss and the 3-dimensionality. Also check out her handmade, limited-edition book,
The Pie Eaters (pictured at left).

Reminder: Print Arts fair is this Sunday

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Hot Type, Cool BooksJust a reminder that the Rainy Planeteers will be selling schtuff at the Print Arts fair at the Museum of Printing in North Andover, Mass. this Sunday, June 15, rain or shine.

Other highlights of the fair to make it worth your while:

  • An Adams-Washington colonial-era hand press printing a faux “Good News” newspaper
  • A 100-year old newspaper press re-printing the last issue of the last letterpress-printed newspaper in Massachusetts
  • Demonstrations of bookbinding, papermaking, paper marbling, lithography, typesetting, and letterpress printing
  • hands-on printing activities for kids and adults
  • over a dozen vendors selling stationery, art books, journals, broadsides, paper goods, and printing equipment
  • the museum and library will be open
  • it’s across from the picturesque North Andover common.

Here’s my Flickr photoset from last year’s fair.
Albertine Press tableWatering the roadMay Day & Ben

Coming Soon! The 5th Annual Print Arts Fair at the Museum of Printing

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

Despite the dearth of blog entries in the past several months, the Rainy Planet Press is still kicking. Well, maybe nothing so animated as “kicking” but we continue shuffling irregularly toward some unstated and frankly unknown goal, whenever we so please.

The big news, which I am very delinquent in announcing, is that we are again selling our wares at this year’s Letterpress Guild of New England / Museum of Printing fair in North Andover, Massachusetts. It’s on Father’s Day again, Sunday, June 15, 2008.

This year I’m coordinating the vendors, so if you are interested in selling your wares as well, be they printed goods, printing gear, or other related items, please contact me at for more info. Join the likes of the Albertine Press, Pressbound, The Press With No Name, Swamp Press, May Day Studio, Sea Dog Press, and more to come…

More soon!

Print Arts Fair wrap-up

Sunday, June 24th, 2007

It’s been an eventful week— more on that soon— so I haven’t had a lot of time to write my dispatch about the 4th Annual Print Arts Fair at the Museum of Printing last weekend.

It’s only the second fair of any kind that we’ve sold stuff at, and it was very different from the Bazaar Bizarre. It was much more of a for-printers-by-printers affair, where at least half of the people who came by the booth were fellow printers, the majority of them more experienced than I. And many of the non-printers were asking probing questions and had that look in their eye, like they were catching the bug.

Popular question #1 was “where can I buy a press?”, and the answer was “go talk to him” and I’d point across the way to John Barrett’s Letterpress Things table:
Letterpress Things table

Popular question #2 was “how do I learn more?”, and the answer to that was “go talk to her”, and I’d point to Kelly McMahon of the May Day Studio at the next booth over, who has been teaching workshops at Letterpress Things. Of course, there were lots of other good answers to both of those questions, as many of the other vendors actually had small presses for sale right there, and there were plenty of other people there who teach all sorts of book arts type things).
Kelly McMahon of May Day Studio

I was happy to meet several people to whom I had only talked online or only briefly met in person, like Shelley of Albertine Press, who has already posted her wrap-up of the day. Shelley and her studio-neighbors Taza Chocolates were the ones behind the Paper & Chocolate event I wrote about earlier this year. Also, her Albertine Press was featured in that Weekly Dig article I mentioned a while back, and she actually scanned the thing in (it never materialized online).

Since I was at the booth, I didn’t get much time to see much of the demos, but I managed to take this video of a Kelly B Automatic Cylinder Press in action.

Here are the other presentable photos I took of the event. Once Terri posts the photos that she took, I’ll link them up here, too.

I was very happy to participate, and I definitely owe many thanks to Leslie Evans of Sea Dog Press and the other organizers who made it all possible. The whole event was hugely inspiring and motivational.

4th Annual Print Arts Fair

Sunday, May 27th, 2007

LGNE Print Arts Fair
The Letterpress Guild of New England and the Museum of Printing are putting on their fourth annual print arts fair at the Museum of Printing in North Andover, MA on June 17.

Last year’s event was big fun, both motivational and educational. If you’re in New England, especially if you’ve never been to the Museum of Printing before, it’s absolutely worth the trip.

This year I’ll not only be going, I’ll be there at a table selling Rainy Planet stuff!

Paper & Chocolate

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

Yesterday Terri & several friends & I went to the Paper & Chocolate event sponsored by Taza Chocolate, a small, local boutique chocolate factory, and Albertine Press (who also have a blog). They’re next-door studio neighbors who fortuitously make two things that are perfect for a Valentine’s Day event.

They are situated in a warehouse-y studio/office space in Somerville on Windsor Street, just over the line from Cambridge. It made me and Terri both think that we would love to have an actual studio space for printing and other creative projects; space is certainly holding us back from getting a bigger press at this point.
Shelley, the owner of the press, was letting people print their own (pre-set) valentine postcards on her Vandercook 4. You can also see some photos of her other presses on her site. We also ran into John Barrett of Letterpress Things, and he introduced us to his wife Jo Ann.

The chocolate portion was pretty nifty, too. They don’t roast their own beans (they’re currently borrowing JP Licks’ coffee roaster), but they do have their own special stone grinders imported from Mexico, and we got to taste some freshly-ground chocolate liquor. It was something else: really bitter, and really strong, but it had just dozens of these very herbal flavors that you don’t get after it has been refined. Which is probably OK, because they weren’t all good. But it tasted really interesting.

Free TypeCon events

Thursday, August 10th, 2006

Bostonist points out that some events at TypeCon 2006 are free.