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Rainey + The Rainy Planet

Terri & Rainer, in statue park

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

The Rainy Planet Press has been more or less on hiatus for some time, because of a new Rainey in our life: Rainer Eli Wise Ball, born July 17.

Just five short days before he was born, we rallied some friends and moved the press from our digs at Joy Street Studios in Somerville to some more industrial space in Medford. We don’t get to take advantage of the open studios– not that we ever did– but we do get some cool new studio mates, it’s much closer to home, and it’s a heckofa lot cheaper.

Unfortunately, the newborn takes up a lot of time and we haven’t *quite* gotten the press all back in working order.

But! Look for that to change soon.

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