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Come see us at the Boston Bazaar Bizarre ‘07

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

The bad thing is that I’ve been a bad blogging doobie lately. The good thing is that I’ve been a bad blogging doobie because I’ve been a good printing doobie, and Terri and I have been creating fabulous new Rainy Planet creations in preparation for the Boston Bazaar Bizarre.

Come visit. We’ll be basically where we were last year, in the room to the immediate left as you enter the Cyclorama, just beyond the Boston Derby Dames.

The C&P has been fully operational for about a month now, thanks to Colin lending me his vise for an evening, so that I could bend a metal dowel to make a foot treadle hook for my DIY foot treadle (a.k.a. a 2×4).

We skipped participating in the Open Studios at Joy Street the other week, because when sign-ups were going on, we didn’t know if we’d have a functional press, and we didn’t have that much to show. But we did need the weekend to actually work, and people were not so cool about leaving us alone. Even though our door was closed, people kept just waltzing in, or following us in when we came back from a bathroom break. I totally had to just slam the door in one fairly annoying guy’s face. I guess there are worse problems in the world than people beating down your door to see what you have to offer, and I won’t be complaining when we do the open studios in the spring, but geez, it felt pretty invasive at the time.