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A lot of changes have been in the works for the past few weeks, and then, suddenly, this week, everything became real.

The big change that pertains to this blog is that we have finally moved the 10×15 Chandler and Price New Style into the new studio space. By “we” I actually mean Rick and Dick from Shaugnessy Rigging and Transportation of New Hampshire.

Shelley, of Albertine Press fame, had recommended Shaughnessy to me. After doing some risk analysis of moving the press myself versus hiring professionals, I decided it was probably better to part with money than it was to part with life, limb, or the life and limb of friends.

C&P press partsOver the last week or two, I prepped the press as well as I could for the move. Removing the ink wheel and the ink wheel mount was easy. Removing the brake pedal and the throw-off lever were pretty easy. Removing the flywheel was sort of tricky because the key that holds it onto the crank shaft just wouldn’t budge. So, my only recourse was to remove it with the entire crank shaft. I removed the gear shield and, using some “liquid wrench” type spray stuff to loosen the key on the small gear on the other end of the crank shaft, used a gear puller to remove the small gear. Once that was off, I could pull off the whole flywheel with the crank shaft. I also took the opportunity to clean the press as much as I could in the time I had, since I figured that the studio’s ventilation isn’t as good as the ventilation in my garage, and I unfortunately really needed to use some nasty solvents to get rid of some of the decades of grease and rust. I still have some work to do in that department, even now that it’s in the studio.

There were two big hurdles that I figured we’d hit during the move. The first was the ramp to get from the loading dock up to the hallway. It was about a 25 degree grade, up about 3 or 4 feet. The second was just fitting it through the standard-sized door of the studio. I was pretty sure that that was going to be OK, though, since I took off the flywheel, and, based on my measurements, I had 4 inches to spare.

Rick, Dick, and helpful neighbor in the backgroundI was pretty much right. The guys got it out of the garage and onto the truck without much trouble, in under an hour. The drive there took longer than it should have because I unfortunately took my neighbor’s advice and tried a route that avoided some underpasses (which the 12′ truck would have had no problem with, in retrospect), but took about 15 minutes longer than it should have. Still, no big deal. The big problem was the ramp. After two unsuccessful attempts to get the press (on a pallette jack) up the ramp, with Dick pulling and me and Rick pushing, we ended up recruiting two guys from another business in the 86 Joy Street building to help us, and we made it up. It cleared the studio door with no problem.

Studio 105Since the move on Wednesday, I think I’ve probably been obsessing too much about getting the press cleaned up; I think I probably am at a point where it’s clean enough, and I just need to get it operational, and save my vision of getting it cleaned up enough to paint for the future. Terri has made some progress in setting up her corner of the studio.

There is much non-press-related going on, too, like getting a new job and quitting my current job, where I’ve been for 7 years. It’s a lot to take in! After our very brief trip to the studio today (I was exhausted after doing a ton of yard work from 9am - 1:30pm today), where we pretty much just dropped off some cases of type, we stopped at The Independent in Union Square and had a few glasses of wine and some fried almonds and stared out the big windows into Union Square. It felt like vacation. Much needed!

3 Responses to “Moving”

  1. Shelley Says:

    Woohoo - hooray for new studios! And for overcoming crazy problems getting into them. When I moved in to our shop I had to recruit four guys from the floor to actually tip over the guillotine (800+lbs), swing it through the door, then set it back upright afterwards.

    I’ll look forward to your first open studio…

  2. ampersandduck Says:

    I would be green with envy if I wasn’t checking out a potential studio space myself this afternoon! Congratulations on not only a successful move, but blogging about it. It’s great to have something to look at while I plan my own Heavy Move.

    Keep up the commentary, and I look forward to a flurry of good works from you!

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