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Rainy Planet @ Joy Street

After the print arts fair last weekend, Terri and I were pretty energized, and it pushed us that extra step that we needed to finally do some serious hunting for studio space. We really need more space to get our new C&P operational and to have all of our stuff in one place. The basement and garage just aren’t cutting it anymore.

My prior attempt to find space when we were getting the press was sort of a bust. At the time, I was trying to find a space to move into before the end of March, so that I didn’t have to move the press more than once, since it weighs 1800lbs (according to Briar Press; I don’t really have a scale that goes that high…). As it was, I couldn’t come up with something that quickly, so we just moved it into our garage, which itself was a little adventure.

So, we got motivated again at just the right time. Joy Street Studios are just completing a new phase of renovations and converted some more of their former industrial and warehouse space to artist studios. We went over last week and looked at some spaces. We talked it over for a day or so, and called back to reserve the studio we liked the best, and it was already gone! We realized that we probably needed to act quickly, so we went back over and decided on our second favorite studio, and put down a deposit.

So, now, the next step is to plan the move. We don’t have an official date that we can move in yet, since they still need to get some inspections done before the city lets them rent out the space. But even if that all cleared up tomorrow, we’re not even close to being ready on figuring out the logistics of moving the press out of the garage.

I’ve started by reading up a little, and there is good advice, as there almost always is, at the Five Roses letterpress intro page. I ordered my copy of Moving Heavy Things as suggested, and it does indeed have some pretty good general advice on, as the name suggests, moving heavy things. I remembered seeing a Flickr photoset of someone moving a C&P, and that was actually really useful to helping me visualize what the whole move is going to take, so I solicited some advice from Matt Borghi, the user who posted that photoset. There is very specific info on moving a Gordon style press like a Chandler & Price here, and more photos and advice here.

So, I’m starting to feel like it’s possible. But if anybody has any additional advice, I certainly wouldn’t turn down any pearls of wisdom you care to throw my way!

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  1. Shelley Says:

    I’ve assisted in moving my shop twice in the past year and a half. I feel like I’ve got a pretty good handle on these things, so if you need an extra brain or pair of hands, let me know! It’s all about leverage…

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