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Print Arts Fair wrap-up

It’s been an eventful week— more on that soon— so I haven’t had a lot of time to write my dispatch about the 4th Annual Print Arts Fair at the Museum of Printing last weekend.

It’s only the second fair of any kind that we’ve sold stuff at, and it was very different from the Bazaar Bizarre. It was much more of a for-printers-by-printers affair, where at least half of the people who came by the booth were fellow printers, the majority of them more experienced than I. And many of the non-printers were asking probing questions and had that look in their eye, like they were catching the bug.

Popular question #1 was “where can I buy a press?”, and the answer was “go talk to him” and I’d point across the way to John Barrett’s Letterpress Things table:
Letterpress Things table

Popular question #2 was “how do I learn more?”, and the answer to that was “go talk to her”, and I’d point to Kelly McMahon of the May Day Studio at the next booth over, who has been teaching workshops at Letterpress Things. Of course, there were lots of other good answers to both of those questions, as many of the other vendors actually had small presses for sale right there, and there were plenty of other people there who teach all sorts of book arts type things).
Kelly McMahon of May Day Studio

I was happy to meet several people to whom I had only talked online or only briefly met in person, like Shelley of Albertine Press, who has already posted her wrap-up of the day. Shelley and her studio-neighbors Taza Chocolates were the ones behind the Paper & Chocolate event I wrote about earlier this year. Also, her Albertine Press was featured in that Weekly Dig article I mentioned a while back, and she actually scanned the thing in (it never materialized online).

Since I was at the booth, I didn’t get much time to see much of the demos, but I managed to take this video of a Kelly B Automatic Cylinder Press in action.

Here are the other presentable photos I took of the event. Once Terri posts the photos that she took, I’ll link them up here, too.

I was very happy to participate, and I definitely owe many thanks to Leslie Evans of Sea Dog Press and the other organizers who made it all possible. The whole event was hugely inspiring and motivational.

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