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Where have I been?

So, I’ve been pretty slack about posting in the past few months, and yet there’s been a fair bit going on.

At the end of March, I managed to add a C&P 10×15 New Style press to the Rainy Planet stable. The acquisition really means that I’ve outgrown my basement, so I have been looking (with less diligence than is really required for the task) for some studio space in Somerville. More on that soon.

I’ve had a couple of custom jobs come along, which have been fun and in some cases challenging.

I finally bit the bullet and tried out some of Crane’s Lettra paper. It’s awesome. I did two different sets of wedding invitations using ecruwhite 100lb Lettra. (The invitations were for family and friends: I’m not sure that doing paid custom wedding invitation jobs isn’t more trouble than it’s worth).

Now that you’re up to date, a few more posts about the future are on the way…

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