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Some recent acquisitions of interest

Saturday, March 17th, 2007

New Antique TypewriterI picked up this fantastic working Remington Portable typewriter a couple of months ago for a mere $10 at Downstairs At Felton Street Antiques in Waltham, Mass. The ribbon was pretty much shot, but I picked up a new 1/2″ ribbon at the typewriter shop (which also sells mint condition antique typewriters for $200-$600) when we went to Portsmouth a few months ago. I had to spool it onto the very specific-sized spools on the typewriter to get it to fit.

Remington PortableIt works well enough to use, with plenty of the lovable quirks that you would hope for in a piece of antique machinery: the faster you type, the less even the letter spacing. The line spacing never is exactly the same between lines. The roller is a bit old and leaves black streaks on the paper. It goes to the trouble of having fraction keys, but to make a “1″ you have to type a lowercase ell, and to make an exclamation point, you have to type period backspace apostrophe.

On the top, there is an old Remington seal that says “To Save Time Is to Lengthen Life”. That sounded like Ben Franklin, but apparently it was Woodrow Wilson.

Speedball Brayer for block printingAlso, at Mass Antiques Co-op next door, I picked up this Speedball Brayer, in a cool box. It’s perfectly usable and, at $8, it was cheaper than a new one. I might just use it on the press.

Rag & Bone Blog

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

I have been delinquent in mentioning how much I like the Rag & Bone Blog. I’ve been a fan of the bindery for a while (I believe Terri’s & my wedding guest book was a Rag & Bone product, purchased ca. 2001).

It’s how I found out about Magpie moving, as well as the library-scented perfume that I mentioned in the other blog.

R.I.P Mac McGrew

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

This January I finally broke down and picked up a copy of Mac McGrew’s American Metal Typefaces of the Twentieth Century so that I could identify all the original foundry names of my Kelsey type. Beyond that, I just wanted it because it’s a great reference, full of fascinating little tidbits and asides for the typophile or design historian.

I was sad to see that McGrew passed away very recently. I had no idea that 1) he lived in the Pittsburgh area, which is where I’m from 2) he worked at Ketchum P.R., where at least two friends of mine have worked at one time or another. He also apparently started on a Kelsey Excelsior.

Magpie is moving

Friday, March 2nd, 2007

I’m happy to see that Magpie, Somerville’s crafty-arty-goods store is moving closer to the heart of Davis Square. For you Sommervillains, their new location is where Poor Little Rich Girl used to be. There was also a write-up in this week’s Weekly Dig.
They’re having a store-warming party this Saturday, March 3. If we weren’t already going up to Maine for an engagement party, we’d be there.