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Paper & Chocolate

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

Yesterday Terri & several friends & I went to the Paper & Chocolate event sponsored by Taza Chocolate, a small, local boutique chocolate factory, and Albertine Press (who also have a blog). They’re next-door studio neighbors who fortuitously make two things that are perfect for a Valentine’s Day event.

They are situated in a warehouse-y studio/office space in Somerville on Windsor Street, just over the line from Cambridge. It made me and Terri both think that we would love to have an actual studio space for printing and other creative projects; space is certainly holding us back from getting a bigger press at this point.
Shelley, the owner of the press, was letting people print their own (pre-set) valentine postcards on her Vandercook 4. You can also see some photos of her other presses on her site. We also ran into John Barrett of Letterpress Things, and he introduced us to his wife Jo Ann.

The chocolate portion was pretty nifty, too. They don’t roast their own beans (they’re currently borrowing JP Licks’ coffee roaster), but they do have their own special stone grinders imported from Mexico, and we got to taste some freshly-ground chocolate liquor. It was something else: really bitter, and really strong, but it had just dozens of these very herbal flavors that you don’t get after it has been refined. Which is probably OK, because they weren’t all good. But it tasted really interesting.