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Custom Moleskines

I personalized some Moleskine notebooks to give Editrix and Summervillain “offline blogs” for their birthdays (late and early, respectively). I wasn’t entirely happy with how the silver ink failed to cling evenly to the Moleskine, though the embossing effect was nice, so I also made them some coasters while I was at it.

UPDATE, 31 May 2007: I’m now officially selling these (uninked), after what a hit they were at the 2006 Bazaar Bizarre. Check out the custom work section of the website for more details on how to order.

2 Responses to “Custom Moleskines”

  1. Ampersand Duck Says:

    yeah, it’s really hard to get ink to cling to coated materials, like coated bookcloth and laminated materials. I guess you can make it seem like a feature rather than a bug, make out that you meant it to have a ‘distressed’ look! Heh. Still, these look great. Nice coasters.

  2. Cody Says:

    Great work. It’s always difficult to get the ink to stick to a coated surface. You could try a fully oxidizing ink like they use in offset printing. It takes some experimentation sometimes but I have used it with success before on difficult surfaces. On a side note the impression is a deboss not emboss.


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