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Tuesday, May 17th, 2005

Welcome to the Rainy Planet Press!

As a teenager I was given a 5×8″ Kelsey hand press. I used it a fair bit in high school, but we parted ways when I went off to college. Now, nearly 15 years later, I have decided to put it to use. In January, I moved it from my parents’ basement in Pennsylvania to my basement in Somerville, Mass.

It’s not quite back in production yet. In the intervening years, mice, mold, and mildew have deteriorated my original composition rollers. I’d been hoping to get them re-covered with rubber, but it seems that Brown Regrinding in Minnesota has closed its doors. For lack of another place that deals with small presses, and not wanting to wait a couple more months, I’ve sent the cores off to Tarheel Roller & Brayer in North Carolina. I’m hoping to get them back by the end of the month. I’ve run a couple of things just using a hand brayer, but not only is it tedious, but the inking never seems to come out quite even.

Without a press to talk about, this isn’t going to be much of a blog. Of course, if I had a press right now, I might be using it rather than coming up with surrogates, like building this website. I decided the world needs at least one more letterpress blog. There are plenty of fantastic letterpress resources and Internet communitites devoted to letterpress, but not too many blogs.

Now there’s at least one more.