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Author : Kandis Syria (IP: ,
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Briton News: We work for major news companies but our boss is preventing us from publishing this information on Tv. They are high ranking luciferians from the devil worshipers cult illuminati also known as the Bilderberg Group. This is a fact: There is an ongoing civil war in America. The illuminati have killed Aaron Swartz and more than 38,000 people in America in 2010. Their deaths are disguised as suicides. Many Americans are awake now, Americans are buying guns hunting to kill all children of members of the illuminati living in multi-million dollar homes all over America to end their evil legacy. KKK members are luciferians from the illuminati. People listed in the forbes billionaire list are high ranking members of the illuminati. The Bilderberg Group have alot of their children here in America living in multi-million dollar homes. Tell all your friends, it’s now time to KILL them all to save humanity.

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